Spenco Insoles

Support for a company that does so much to provide it.

Spenco, makers of insoles, needed to raise awareness of its product line of insoles among podiatrists and their clients. This two-pronged effort required a singular focus on messaging that addressed the needs of each target – for clients, we communicated the benefits of insoles; for doctors, we focused on the long history of the company and their reputation for designing insoles based on medical science.

  • Headlines highlighted the benefits of increased comfort, prevention of common foot ailments and overall support.
  • Key messaging supported the benefits by focusing on the company’s 45-year history, positioning them as the leader in their industry.Spenco ads with shadow_Page_3 Spenco ads with shadow_Page_2 Spenco ads with shadow_Page_1
Services: Concept Development, Copywriting
Agency: Off Madison Ave

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