TGEN Center For Rare Childhood Disorders

Finding the common thread that unites those who fight against the rarest of diseases.

This two-phased assignment began with positioning and key messaging, and led to content creation for the website.

With the opening of its new Center for Rare Childhood Disorders (C4RCD), TGEN needed a positioning strategy to communicate its initiative and unite its various groups – from doctors and researchers to donors and parents of children with rare diseases. Messaging focused on the Center’s core strength – its ability to bring together the resources, experts and support to make a difference for the children who suffer from a very personal kind of illness, often unique to them and their families. This led to an insight that C4RCD acts as the “Indiana Jones” of rare childhood disorders, undaunted in their mission and quest to find treatments — and best captured by the sentiment: “When disease gets this personal, so do we.”


Dorrance Center for Rare Childhood Disorders | C4RCD-6withshadow

Dorrance Center for Rare Childhood Disorders | C4RCD-7withshadow

One of the main objectives of the website is to educate both the medical community and families on the science surrounding the genome sequencing process. The science is complicated, but it was important to tell the story in a compelling and easy-to-understand manner. An insight shared by a member of the research team inspired the story of building blocks, which served as the metaphor, illustrating the fact that genomic sequencing requires analyzing vast amounts of data (human genome). Determining what genome (or letter within a genome) is ‘out of place’ is like finding a needle in a haystack. Once determined, they are better able to treat symptoms and sometimes even diagnose these disorders.


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